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Making a personal investment into your call to ministry is worthwhile, knowing the knowledge, skill set and experiences you receive are a life time achievement.  We have therefore made it easy and affordable for students to be able to pay for their tuition and fees through our Flexible Payment Plan (FPP).  Students are able to set up an installment payment plan to pay their tuition within 10 to 12 months of the academic year and no more than 90 days post graduation. 


We are unable to accept federal financial aid at this time.  DCIBIN does not  participate in the Department of Education's student aid programs as described in section 481 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (which went into effect on August 5, 1997).  As such, DCIBIN does not issue 1098-T's to our students for tax filing purposes.  

Though we do not accept federal financial aid (FAFSA) at this time, the office of alumni manages a limited number of scholarships and sponsorship for students in need.  You can reach the alumni office by emailing for more information and assistance.  

Students who need a scholarship must apply early to receive one.  It is on a first come, first serve and need based purpose.  Thank you! 

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"Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.

1 Corinthians 4:2 (NKJV)


DCIBIN offers a flexible way of payment for our students.  For proper accountability and record keeping, our accounting office issues invoices to individual students via e-mail for all online payments. We accept payment via all major debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) and PayPal.  Students may pay their fees via check or stop by the administrative office with a cash payment. 

Application Fee:  No application will be processed without the payment of the $50 application fee. When a student applies for admission, the accounting office will issue an application fee invoice via email to the student for payment to be made via PayPal, debit or credit card. All additional fees for tuition, instruction manuals etc. will also be invoiced and billed to each student.

Enrollment Fee:  Enrollment fees are part of the total cost of each program.  All students must pay 25% of their program fee before they are issued their student identification information and access to classes.  Enrollment fees must be paid no later than 48 hours prior to the start of your program.

Tuition:  Student may skip paying enrollment fees and pay their tuition in full.  For those who prefer our Flexible Payment Plan for the remainder of your tuition, you must sign an FPP form for your installment payments.  Recurring invoices will be issued to you on the agreed upon due date for payment.  Students will not be allowed access to class if they are one payment behind. 

Course Instructional Materials Fees:  This fee though itemized is included in the student's tuition and fees for each academic year. 

Late Fee:  All invoices will be assessed a late fee when they are not paid by the due date.  Refer to the current payment policy as this is subject to change. 

Graduation Regalia Fee:  Students must pay for their own graduation regalia no later then 8 weeks before graduation.  Failure to purchase will make it impossible for students to walk or graduate to receive their diploma or certificate. 


Licensing & Ordination Fee:  Students with approval from the office of the Provost or the Senior Vice President from the School of Prophets can apply to be ordained and licensed through DCI Ministerial Network.  Students may request for an application packet, with which an invoice will be issued for the fees associated with it. 

Third Party Payments:  If students prefer a parent, guardian, a church or an organization to pay for their tuition or any associated fees, they must fill a third party authorization form to enable the school to release their invoices to be paid.  The office will not accept word of mouth, a completed authorization form must be on record.

Scholarship and Sponsorship Funds:  Students who get approved for a scholarship must adhere to scholarship fund policy.  The allowable amount will be applied to your student account to mirror your tuition payment(s).  

Assistant-ship:  The office of academic affairs will submit the approval of a student admitted into the assistant-ship program.  The earned amount for the duration of the assistant-ship will be applied to the student's account on a monthly basis.  Students who are unable to complete their assistant-ship voluntarily or due to their release from the program will be responsible for their outstanding tuition or fees. 

Credit Collections:  DCIBIN has contracted the services of a third party collections agency, P & P Communications, Inc. to collect all outstanding late payments and accounts in collections past 90 days.  Charged off accounts will be reported as derogatory on your credit report.  

You can pay your application fee, enrollment fee and or flexible payment plan fees (FPP) here: 

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