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Student Affairs

The office of student affairs is the resource arm of DCIBIN as it manages and oversees most of the core services the institution provides.  This office is the first stop for potential and students alike. The liaises with the office of the registrar, oversees student advisory and student life. 


The office of student affairs oversees student advisory, offering counseling to students to enable them choose the right program, area of specialization, career choices etc.  Student advisory devices intervention programs to help students stay the cause to complete their academic pursuit. 


  • Admissions & Enrollments

  • Student Orientation

  • Student identification services

  • Registration for courses/classes

  • Student Aid

  • Scholarships/Sponsorship

  • Provides academic counseling to potential and current students

  • Student Records (Applications, student files, academic records)

  • Processes transcript requests

  • Graduation services (Recommendation for graduations, regalia, ceremonies etc.)

  • Issuance of Diplomas & Certificates



  • Student Government ( A 3 to 5 five member council who manage student affairs)

  • Student Honor Council (Disciplinary Committee)

  • Student life: Community forum, blogging, bible study associations/groups

  • Community Services/Volunteer work

  • Missions (Domestic and International)

  • Ministry/Career Development

  • Student Leadership programs

  • Events (Conferences, concerts, etc..)

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You may contact the student affairs office at for information or assistance. You will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours after submitting your email request.

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