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The IT/Help desk is responsible for providing technical support to all departments of the institution.  They ensure connectivity online for faculty, staff and students runs smoothly, as the online school hinges on this aspect for the effective running of academic programs.  

The IT/Help desk oversees the proper use of the internet by staff, faculty and students as long as they are using our computer devices and are logged into our system.  This department collaborates with the office of student affairs for student orientation on our virtual classroom platform.  It is also the department responsible for internal technological training for all school personnel. 

You may contact the support desk for any of the following:

  • Student registration access phone numbers/pin/passwords to virtual classroom

  • Technical glitches with the E-Lecta platform

  • Setting up of emails for faculty and staff members

  • Access codes to internal web pages

  • Accessibility challenges to pages/documents/files.

  • Forgotten usernames, passwords etc to e-mail

  • Use and accessibility to internal software platforms 

The IT/Support desk does not take care computer repairs or problems with your computer. You may have to contact your manufacturer or service repair company for such problems. 

E-mail the help desk for technical assistance.

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