The DCIBIN media page provides the general public with information needed should there be the need for a general inquiry about how we would like to be viewed or represented to the media. The media also have access to our news, events and social media pages to keep abreast with what is happening at DCIBIN at any given point in time.  


If you are a media house or representative of such an entity and would like to have the opportunity to meet with, showcase or interview any Executive board member of the school, please send an e-mail to info@dcibin.com and a public relations executive from the Institution will contact you.  Thank you!

Public Relations/Media Profile

  • Destiny Changers International Bible Institute (DCIBIN) is a Christian vocational training school for those called into the five-fold ministry (Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist. Teacher and Pastor) as well as into the Worship Ministry and other Leadership areas in Christian ministry.


  • DCIBIN is the educational and ministry training arm of Destiny Changers International (DCI) as part of it's vision to produce well educated members of the clergy to preach, teach the gospel and build the kingdom of God, regardless of one's Christian religious denomination or church, as long as the tenets of faith align with the institution's own. 


  • DCIBIN is registered under DCI in the state of Ohio, USA and has a learning training center as well in Ghana, W/A.  The DCIBIN headquarters is located in Cincinnati, OH, USA.


  • DCIBIN provides ministry training on an online/virtual classroom platform as well as practical ministry.


  • DCIBIN has an Alumni Association that champions the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the institution.


  • DCIBIN is a non-accredited educational institution and is not required to do so because it is a religious vocational school. 


  • DCIBIN actively seeks memberships, affiliations and certifications from other religious accrediting, certifying and commissioning bodies solely for accountability purposes.


  • DCIBIN maintains a social media presence to stay connected to the outside world and offer opportunity to potential students, staff and faculty. 


  • DCIBIN provides private student aid to students to enable them pursue their call into ministry.  This is possible through charitable donations from DCI partners, DCIBIN Alumni and other corporate donations.  


  • We do not accept donations from terrorists, or terrorist affiliated groups/companies.  We also do not accept donations from individuals or organizations that are involved in social vices as a means of making money.


  • DCIBIN currently has not authorized or approved any persons or organizations that are not listed on our website to act on behalf of the institution, represent it in any way, shape or form. The institution will pursue legal action against any fraudulent or unauthorized representation.


  • DCIBIN prohibits the violation of the institution, staff, faculty and student's privacy through  media publications in any form without consent and approval.  No one is allowed to use any aspect of the content on our website, social media platforms, marketing materials, photographs or videos for further production or media purposes without obtaining prior approval from the administration office. 


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