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The DCIBIN office of the registrar oversees the following:

Admissions & Enrollments

All applications and correspondence for admission is processed by the registrar's office​.   When students enroll, the registrar's office creates and maintains their student file for proper record keeping.  The admissions office operates year-round as students apply at different times during the year to our various academic programs and ministry schools.



Tuition and Fees

The registrar's office manages student billing and processes all fees paid to DCIBIN. Students who owe tuition/fees or are in default have to work with the registrar's office on payments to restore their student accounts and grant them access to classes.  The registrar's office may place a hold on a student's account for past due fees and collections activity. 

Student Orientation

Upon enrollment, students are scheduled for online orientation to ensure they are familiarized with the online software program for their virtual classroom.  Students are given an overview of school policies, grading standards and all the necessary information needed for their success at DCIBIN.

Student Identification Services

New Students have the option of requesting for an identification card as part of their enrollment package and a special number is assigned to them linking all their files for proper accountability.  Students who misplace their ID cards must pay a $25 replacement fee.

Registration for classes

Upon enrollment, students are directed to sign up for the various classes pertaining to their academic program of choice. Our virtual classroom is access controlled, so students are required to respond to class registration emails which require the students name and email to access their courses.

Student Aid (Scholarships/Sponsorship)

The student Aid department manages all the donations for scholarships.  The office processes scholarship and sponsorship applications and maintains correspondence with students, alumni support and DCI partners.  Though, DCIBIN does not accept federal financial aid, it works in collaboration with other organizations and charitable initiatives to help students through bible school.  

Academic Counseling

The department plays an active role in advising and directing students to pursue their right academic program in line with their calling into ministry.  


Student Records

The registrar creates and maintains all records pertaining to students from applications through graduation.  The various academic schools submits each student's grades and course work results for proper filing. 


Students are given transcripts at the completion of their programs.  They can request for them when they pursue other higher learning vocational opportunities.


The registrar processes all graduation recommendations from faculty/dean's office and maintains correspondence to students regarding their graduation ceremony.  Students submit fees for their graduation regalia to this office as well.  The registrar issues the diplomas and certificates earned during graduation ceremonies, honoring the students for their educational accomplishments.  

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You can pay your application fee, enrollment fee and or flexible payment plan fees (FPP) here: 

You may contact the registrar's office at for information or assistance. You will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours hours after submitting your email request.


Take a placement or entrance test, if you do not have a high school diploma or certificate.   

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