The DCIBIN Executive board comprises of the founders and two additional board members.  This team of four is the decision making body of this great institution.  The leadership model at DCIBIN is leading by example and very hands on, therefore, the executive board members are also involved with overseeing different operations of the institution. 

Rev. David Mensah Noah

Founder & Chancellor,

Chairman of the Board

Rev. Rosemary Koomson

Co-Founder, Pro-Chancellor

& President

Rev. Philip Akuaku Noah

Provost &

Executive Vice President (E.V.P)

Rev. Richardson Akuaku

Deputy Provost &

Senior Vice President (SVP)


DCIBIN is blessed to have godly servants of God who speak the counsel of God to the Executive Board.  They provide godly wisdom with regards to the entire DCI umbrella of organizations including this institution's strategic plan and development.  These adivisors are uncommon men who carry great unction and have transformed lives around the world. 

Bishop Lord Cobblarh

Advisor to the Executive Board

DCIBIN Advisory Council


Bishop Lord Cobblarh is the

Founder & General Overseer

of True Worshippers Sanctuary

London, UK


3045 Symmes Road Unit E

Hamilton, OH 45015



T: 1 (513) 467 8414

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