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Rev. David

Joe Mensah Noah

Clergy Summary Profile

  • Prophet by calling

  • Executive Music Producer/Musician by profession

  • Founder, DCIBIN

  • Chancellor, DCIBIN

  • Chairman of the Board, DCIBIN

  • Founder of Destiny Changers International (DCI)

  • Chairman of DCI Ministerial Network

  • CEO of Trem Records & JM Promotions

  • CEO Judgement Day Awards

  • Husband, Father & Mentor




Rev. David J. Mensah Noah is the Chancellor of Destiny Changers International Bible Institute.  As the chairman of the Executive Board, he oversees the strategic planning and development of the school, and the entire management of Faculty, Staff and Students.  


A visionary at heart, Rev. David has played a key role in the development of the vision of this school and continues to map out growth strategies and the acquisition of financial resources to provide quality ministry education and practical ministry training for current students and Alumni.  

A prophet/seer by calling, Rev. David Mensah Noah is a mentor to many and is passionate about the salvation, healing, deliverance of souls and the fulfillment of one's destiny. Rev. David is also the Founder and General Overseer of Destiny Changers International, Chairman of the DCI Ministerial Network & Council, and the CEO of Trem Records & JM Promotions Studio.  


The office of the Chancellor oversees the entire operations of D.C.I Bible Institute.  The Chancellor presides over the Executive Board as Chairman and ensures the members collaboratively work together towards a common goal.  The Chancellor does not only sit as a figure head, but actively works strategically to advance the vision of the school.

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