Dear Potential DCIBIN student,

I would like to congratulate you in advance on your quest to pursue a higher level of education and training as a minister.  In today's fast paced world, where it is necessary to combine work life, family and ministry, one needs a convenient, flexible and easily accessible educational platform to advance his or her educational goals.   That is why DCIBIN has been a great preference among many when they think of attending a bible school. 


Your call to leadership and the five-fold ministry requires training in the word of God and other ministry related experiences.  Here at DCIBIN we are fully dedicated to ensuring you are properly educated and prepared to impact the world.  Take a closer look at our academic training programs and take a bold step to fulfilling your destiny.  We look forward to welcoming you into our institution.  


Rev. Rosemary Koomson


1. Question: I don't have a High School Diploma or GED, but i feel called into ministry.  Can I still apply?

Answer:  You can  take our placement test.  If you pass, you will be allowed to apply for admission.

2. Question:  I started school at DCIBIN but dropped out along the way.  Do i need to re-apply or can my status can be re-instated without going through the admission process again?

Answer:  You do not need to re-apply, you must contact the admissions office, complete a re-in-statement form (if you are within 2 years of deferment), pay a reinstatement fee and bring your student account up to a current status if you have any old outstanding fees.  If you are returning after 2 years, you need to re-apply and go through the entire admissions process.

3.  Question:  I don't have the ability to pay online, what are my options?

Answer: Contact the admissions office by calling (513) 467 8414 or email for further assistance.

4. Question: How long does it take for applications to be approved?

Answer: Typically, it takes up to 3 weeks for applications to be processed.  If there are missing or unverified information on your application  it may take up to 4 weeks.

5. Question: I am a returning student who graduated from DCIBIN.  I want to enroll in another program, do i need to re-apply?

Answer:  Yes, you need to apply and indicate you are a  recent graduate. You must submit a copy of your earned DCIBIN diploma or certificate in place of step 3 to skip steps 4 and 6 in the admission process. 

6. Question: Help, I don't see my question here, what should i do?

Answer: E-mail us at 


" I have learned a lot from DCIBIN.  I was a student in the School of Ministry and just earned my Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry.  One of our instructors, Rev. Philip is very knowledgeable of the word of God and really did an awesome job teaching us. Our graduation was well organized too. Very impressed!" 

Pastor Emmanuel K Appiah

Bronx, NY

Class of 2017

" I am very grateful to God for DCIBIN.  The School of Prophets has equipped me with more knowledge in the Prophetic Ministry.  God used my instructors Prophet Richardson and Prophet Yeboah to teach me more about my ministry and how my life as a prophetess should be, being the oracle and mouth piece of God.  This bible institute is the best school for all men and women of God who want to learn more about the things of God. I will recommend DCIBIN to others to pursue their ministry training."

Prophetess Arimetha Bintha Smith

Columbus, OH

Class of 2017

Make a decision today!  

We would love to have you here at DCIBIN.


1.  Complete and submit an application form.

2. Pay your non-refundable application fee of $50.00 with a debit, credit card or PayPal.  If preferable, you can make a payment in the administrative office with a check or cash.

3.  Submit your high school diploma (HSD), or request for your high school transcript, recent degree, diploma or certificate to be sent to DCIBIN.   A recent college diploma will also suffice if preferred.


Take the DCIBIN entrance exam.

4.  Submit a letter of recommendation from a clergy or mentor.

5.  DCIBIN will review your application and respond with an offer letter of admission.


6. Upon receipt of your admission letter, show proof of your identity with any of the following:

- State Identification card

- Drivers license

- Passport

- Voters registration card

- Birth certificate

- Social Security card

- National ID Card

- Last School attended or Company ID

7. Upon receipt of your Tuition invoice via e-mail, Pay 35% of your tuition and complete a flexible payment plan (FPP) on the remaining balance of your tuition to be paid within 90 days of enrollment for diploma courses and 30 days for certificate programs.

8.  Purchase recommended books and lesson materials.

9.  Set up your student account profile with your Electa access information.



Please call + 1 (513) 467 8414 or e-mail us at if you need additional assistance.  Thank you!


Download any of these forms needed to aid you in making a decision to attend DCIBIN:


3045 Symmes Road Unit E

Hamilton, OH 45015



T: 1 (513) 467 8414

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