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The catalogs and course outlines provided here are for applicants, current students, faculty and staff only.  You may view, download or print any of the following catalogs for the various schools and programs. 


DCIBIN does not authorize any vocational or tertiary institution to copy or duplicate the programs we offer, therefore such entities cannot download or print our catalogs and use as their own in their curriculums or advertisements.  Permission to do so by such tertiary institutions must be obtained from the office of the Pro-Chancellor at Thank you. 


Our academic catalogs lists the various courses offered in each school and their credit hours. 

SOM Academic Catalog - 2024 to 2025

SOP Academic Catalog - 2024 to 2025


Our course outline highlights the classes and the various instructors who teach them.  The course outlines for SOM and SOP are available to faculty and staff in E-lecta.  Thank you.

SOM Course Outline - 2024 to 2025

SOP Course Outline - 2024 to 2025

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