DCIBIN has a School of Ministry, the T.R.E.M School of Worship and a School of Prophets academic program.  


All the Schools within DCIBIN are properly organized to equip the students for effective ministry.  The depth of the subjects treated and the practical training for our students ensures they are able to rightly divide the word of God, to edify the body of Christ and become great leaders in their various ministries.

Students may pursue any of the following programs:

  1. Advanced Diploma:  The Advanced Diploma program is a 11 to12 month accelerated course, which carries 60 academic credits and is the highest level of diploma to be obtained from DCIBIN.  The course content is comparable to most of the courses offered in an Associate's Degree program in other institutions. Students are required to specialize in an area of study and participate in practical ministry.

  2. Diploma: A Diploma at DCIBIN, is a 7 to 9 month accelerated program and   

      carries 45 academic credits program without any mandatory concentration.

      Students are also required to have practical training and volunteer work. 

  3. Advanced Certificate:  The Advanced Certificate program is a 30 credit hour

     program over a 4-month period.  This intense, accelerated program is for 

     lay ministry and the training of people for leadership in their local churches.  

     This is highly recommended to churches to enable them develop skillful               workers or volunteers for an effective ministry. 

  4. Certificate:  The DCIBIN certificate is the basic and entry level program  

     offered in the institution.  This 15 credit hour program ranges for 4 to 6 weeks

     at a time.  It is meant to harness the interest in ministry and give students a

     basic understanding of Christian principles and ministry.  This is also 

     recommended for training ministry workers.  

You may visit our diploma and certificate pages for detailed courses offered in the various programs.  


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