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Welcome to Student Life at DCIBIN.  It's all about you the student and your experiences at DCIBIN.  We will help you get and stay connected with the student body through various groups, teams and associations.  You will also stay connected with the DCI community of ministry partners and ministerial network who have direct impact on your life at DCIBIN.  

Even though we are mostly an online institution, technology has erased a lot of barriers and have made it possible to maintain effective communication across borders.  Students are able to establish new friendships with students from other countries who are enrolled at DCIBIN.  


The student life office takes care of the following:

  • Student Government ( A five member council who manage student affairs)

  • Student Honor Council (Disciplinary Committee)

  • Community forum, blogging, bible study associations/groups

  • Community Services/Volunteer work

  • Missions (Domestic and International)

  • Ministry/Career Development

  • Student Leadership programs

  • Events (Conferences, concerts, etc.)

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You may contact the student life office at for information or assistance. You will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours after submitting your email request.

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student blog

Post articles, share your inspirational stores, educate and inform others

community service

Volunteer with DCI or any of it's network members to do charitable projects and assists with events and humanitarian initiatives.

On a Video Call

bible fellowship

What better way to study the word of God than to surround yourself with a circle of faith believing friends. 

student forum

Let your voice be heard.  Contribute to open discussions on how to make DCIBIN great and enrich the lives of it's students and community.

Get to know other students and learn about different cultures.  Build a solid Christian network while in school.  

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