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Ordination & Licensing

Are you about to graduate from DCIBIN and need to be ordained into ministry?  Look no further, we can get you licensed and ordained through our ministerial network.  


DCIBIN works in collaboration with Destiny Changers International Ministerial Network (DCIMN), to ordain and license graduates from the DCIBIN.  Students who graduate from DCIBIN can apply to get ordained and licensed by completing an application form and submitting 3 letters of recommendation from DCIBIN faculty, Executive board and a clergy from the student's local church or ministry or a mentor in ministry.  



Graduates from DCIBIN must submit the following:

  • A copy of the diploma/certificate earned from DCIBIN.

  • 2 letters of recommendation from DCIBIN faculty members or executive board members.

  • 1 letter from a clergy from the student's local church/ministry or a ministry mentor.

  • Request for and complete a DCIMN licensing and membership application form and submit the fees and all the necessary items/documents requested.  Note: You must request for a current application form as fees and or requirements are subject to change.

DCIMN will process the application which usually takes 7 to 10 business days upon submission of fees and the application form and any other required documents/items. The processing of applications may take longer should there be unverifiable information on an application.  The first-year membership is required for those licensed and ordained by DCIMN and is renewable annually thereafter.  


The Destiny Changers International Ministerial Network (DCIMN) is a world-wide Christian commissioning body that comprises of members of the five fold ministry: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, Pastors, as well as ministries, churches, church/ministry leaders and lay persons with a desire to answer the call of God, operate in their gifts, talents, callings to further the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

The DCIMN is governed by a 4-member Ministerial Council who form the board, that upholds the word of God as a standard for ministry and hold accountable its' members by ensuring the adherence to biblical principles in Christian Living and a Clergy Code of Ethics for Christian Leadership.  DCIMN equips its' members for ministry work and ensures that members benefit from the organization's resources in answering the great commission set forth by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  



  • ​     Mentorship

  •      Ministry Coaching

  •      Access to ministry resources

  •      Ministerial Training & Development

  •      Ministerial Ordinations/Certificate

  •      Ministerial Licensing/Certificate

  •      Credibility in ministry

  •      Clergy network Identification card

  •      Clergy credential of ministry License card

  •      Access to financial resources

  •      Access to a wealth of advice

  •      VIP Access to Pastoral Conferences

  •      VIP Access to Prophetic Conferences

  •      Develop strong ministry bonds and networks

  •      Discount on all services with Tremconsult Business Services for all your church/ministry legal registrations,   

            resources, support, advertising, etc.

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