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Welcome to Throne Room Experience Ministries (T.R.E.M) School of Worship, where ministers called to the praise and worship ministry enhance their talent, gifts, knowledge and skills. 

Throne Room Experience Ministries (T.R.E.M) is a music outreach ministry founded by Rev. Rosemary Koomson in February 2008 in Cincinnati, OH, to draw people into worship by leading them to experience God's presence. T.R.E.M started a wave of praise and worship experiences such as Alabaster Night, Worshipers Arising, Worship at the Altar, and Throne Room experience. T.R.E.M focuses on Worship Experiences, Musical Concerts, Workshops and Worship Ministry Conferences.


Today, T.R.E.M School of Worship has become part of the DCIBIN ministry schools, to raise music leaders for effective praise and worship in churches around the world.

TSOW 2021 to present Academic Catalog

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