Welcome to the DCIBIN alumni association, where past students of the institution connect to promote school spirit, contribute to the development and establishment of the School's legacy, while paying it forward to spread the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ around the world.
As an alumna or alumnus of DCI Bible Institute, you should be proud of your achievement of graduating from this prestigious Bible School.  You have acquired great knowledge and are ready to make great impact in our world today! Every institution is great because of the contribution of it's alumni in advancing the vision of the school.  Cultivating a strong school spirit paves the way for enthusiasm and participation in alumni activities.  Each class year that graduates adds to the longevity of the school and ensures continuity.

Vision:  Our vision is to engage alumni to continue in the spirit of excellence by promoting school spirit, establishing a long lasting legacy and providing a network platform for it's members to flourish in ministry. 

Mission:  Provide alumni with the opportunity to lead, support DCIBIN financially and engage potential students to pursue their education in vocational training at DCIBIN.

Goals & Objectives

1. Contribute in making DCIBIN, one of the top leading Christian ministry educational institution.

2. Continue to develop the technology needed to support distance learning.

3. Support on campus learning by securing and establishing a physical location to educate students.

4. Continue to attract and retain quality faculty and staff to equip the student body.

5. Collaborate with the Executive Board to attain accreditation, and any necessary certifications to enable DCIBIN expand it's current program to degree programs.

6. Sponsor students who in turn can embark on Christian missionary work in developing countries.

7. Grow a network of DCIBIN alumni who can edify the body of Christ on various platforms.


The DCIBIN Alumni has a team of executives who run the day to day affairs of the Association.  To become a member of the Executive board, one must first apply for a position on the board. All applications are reviewed by the DCIBIN Director of Alumni Relations. The director submits the reviewed applications to the alumni association for members to nominate their executives of choice. The DCIBIN Executive Board grants the final approval of those nominated to serve this great institution.  

The tenure of the Alumni Executives runs for a year with re-nominations and appointments up to 5 executive terms. All executives who have served before are en-grafted into the Advisory Council for the Alumni Association and DCIBIN's President's Leadership Circle.  It is a distinguished honor to be chosen to be a leader in the Alumni Association. 

Become an Alumni board member by applying today to be nominated!



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Alumni Support to DCIBIN

The Alumni Association of DCIBIN is highly committed to the betterment of the institution.  Every great educational institution thrives on the loyalty and support of it's Alumni.  For the love of God and our school, we want to continually support the vision of this  school and it's founders.  

Why must we give?

Self Sufficiency:  As a growing institution, there are major things which need to be developed to enrich the educational experience at DCIBIN.  The DCI umbrella of organizations allocates most of it's financial resources from it's partners into direct missions, city to city outreach conferences. the DCI Network TV and local fellowship to minister to the spiritual needs of people.  Therefore, DCIBIN has to be self sufficient to undertake it's own development plans. 

Students in need:  The Christian ministry lacks laborers in the field and the ones who have a desire to answer the call lack adequate financing to pursue their education.  Such students need a little push to realize their dreams.  Alumni should be passionate about producing more laborers for the work of the ministry, as we together fulfill the great commission. 

Paying it forward:  DCIBIN Alumni are loyal and grateful for what they have learned and received through impartation.  It is only honorable for us to show our appreciation to our founders, faculty and staff through our giving to sustain the institution's goals and objectives


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