Sin has gone viral

“Share and tag” I wish the world can share and tag real love just as immoral videos on social media. How do you feel when you get on social media to get updates on News and check on friends and all you see are immoral activities displayed publicly without reproach? Like ladies not putting clothes on wearing under wears as an outer wear, dancing immorally in front of the camera. Sometimes you question is this real? What is going to happen to the future of the ones growing up? Almost everyone especially Christians are comfortable in sin.

False Pastors are comfortably displaying the power of divination in churches, and performing magic. Is this to mock Christianity or to redirect the focus of immature Christians? Young adults are looking up to “so called role models or social media influencers.” What are they modeling and what are they influencing? SIN… They make the non verbal statements, and we get them “If you don’t sell your soul, you cannot make it.” The word of God, which is the word of truth, and the moral way of living, is not going viral enough, but sin is. The power of sin and satanic forces has finally found their way through the internet. These forces are attacking the very top: the politicians, celebrities, influencers, etc. Imagine the anatomy of human body, once the head is affected what happens to the rest of the body? It becomes useless.

Half of the world’s population has access to the internet, and 196 million people used social media in 2016, by 2021 the number forecasted to exceed 216 million users. Imagine all of these people being influenced by these satanic forces, what will happen in the future? Research says that young adults are heavy users of social media. God needs you to act fast, act faster than the internet to change the world, because the world is you, and the change starts with you. Stop fighting your brothers and sisters in Christ, the world needs that energy to know that Christ will be coming soon and anyone who did not know or accept him will not enter into the kingdom of God. What are we doing as Christians?

Sin used to be a hidden act, when one commits any kinds of sin, no matter how little, that person hides it from everyone; but now sin is seen as a norm? People are now wallowing in sin, comfortable committing them, relaxed, and sipping on sin, and shockingly sharing it for the world to see. Laws are bending for sin to creep in, and the word of truth, the word that gives life, is perceived as offensive to others, or as going against the constitutional rights of the citizens. The societal influencers have nothing to show the world except money, sex and power.

Sin is a trend, and when you see it as wrong then you are a threat. Do not get me wrong, we are all sinners (Romans 3:23), but the question is do we set goals on how to be better than what we are now? Do we even make an effort? All God wants to see is an effort, to be conscious of our doing from day to day. The prince of this world, Satan, is drumming and people are dancing to his tunes.

The new generation says that righteousness does not pay bills; the way of righteousness is too holy, and boring. We find sin amusing, entertaining, interesting, convenient, and normal. People are deceived by what their eyes can see, luring over temporary things of this world, forgetting that there will be a Day of Judgment. I want to remind you that if you stay in sin, you are a slave to Satan and you will be judged by God. Feed what you want and starve what you do not want. Your enemy understands that sin separates you from God (Isaiah 59:2) and his goals are to lure you out from the cover of God, so he can feed on you, kill you and destroy you.

Sin has gone viral and looks normal, but a constant self check is required by God. The Holy Spirit is available for help. If you are a born-again Christian, hold on tight. If you don’t know Christ repent now, tomorrow maybe too late, because the one who gives life can take it any moment.


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