Yep! I really dug that hole and now I am stuck!!!

Do you ever wonder why so many of us feel financially stressed or overwhelmed? Managing your finances is key to a successful life and great stewardship. Not only are we called to preach the gospel but also to be good stewards who know how to handle the resources God entrusts into our hands. Our past decisions, ignorance and recklessness when it comes to managing money has landed some of us in financial pits that seems to be endless and have no way out.

But i have good news for you, there is always a way out! First and foremost we need to repent of misusing the resources God bestowed on us and ask the Lord to help us come out of debt or whatever financial mess we find ourselves in today.

Now let's start getting you unstuck!!!

1. Make up your mind to assess your financial wellness.

2. Identify areas of waste.

3. Eliminate luxuries and curtail our spending habits.

4. Create a budget and stick with it.

Taking the necessary steps outlined allows us to have room to properly plan our finances and address our debts, prioritize our needs and start climbing out of that financial hole we dug ourselves, in the first place. One of my golden rules when it comes to finances, can i do without it? If yes, then it is not a necessity!

Have you been in a financial crisis before? Share or comment and let's rescue someone from a never ending financial waterfall.

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