Prophet Richardson Akuaku

Deputy Provost

Senior Vice President (S.V.P.)


Head of School of Prophets

The office of the Senior Vice President is the deputy arm of the office of the Provost.  The S.V.P's office assist with the hiring, managing of Faculty and Staff,  as well as the development of the vision of DCIBIN.  It also collaborates with the office of the President on setting policies, rules and regulations for the student body. The office also crafts the curriculum and assessment methods for the School of Prophets.  


The S.V.P oversees the mentoring and practical ministry training of graduates from the school of prophets and all newly ordained ministers with less than 3 years of experience.  He also collaborates with DCIBIN's alumni to continue developing the legacy of the institution, build a stronger network of clergy and establish more DCIBIN affiliates around the world.  



"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."  Amos 3:7 (KJV)


Prophet Richardson Akuaku is an ordained Reverend Minister with over 12 years proven ministry as a Prophet of God.  A sought after international conference keynote speaker, Prophet Richardson has ministered prophetically multiple times in conferences in Ghana, Botswana, South Africa among other places in the world.  He is a speaker also on the Destiny Hour Phone Conference Line in the U.S.A.  Prophet Richardson is a mentor to many people especially up and coming prophets.

Prophet Richardson is an Alumni of the University of Ghana.  Prophet Richardson also pastors a local church, Chapel Word International in Accra, Ghana.  He has an outreach ministry which ministers to villages by spreading the word of God, video ministry and feed the hungry project.   He personally sponsors the catering of cooked foods to feed the hungry and poor in the villages he visits to spread the word of God.  

Prophet Richardson heads the School of Prophets program at DCIBIN and has been with the institution since it's establishment.  He oversees the academic program designed for the School of Prophets and ensures they are ordained and licensed into ministry. Prophet Richardson is happily married to his beautiful wife, Mrs. Christina Akuaku and are blessed with 2 boys and a girl. 

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Video: Watch Prophet Richardson preaching in Botswana on Breakthrough

Audio: Listen to Prophet Richardson preaching on Open Heaven: Restoration

To contact the office of the Senior Vice President, please click the link below:


3045 Symmes Road Unit E

Hamilton, OH 45015



T: 1 (513) 467 8414

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