One of the strategic goals of this institution is to be an employer of choice by creating a company culture where, excellence thrives on every level.  We intend to provide competitive wages and benefits so that we can recruit and retain top talent among our staff and faculty.  

If you have been offered a job at DCIBIN, count it as an opportunity to serve to the best of your abilities and make a difference in the lives of people. 


Please complete the following employment paperwork and return them to HR.  Two forms of ID will be required from Category B and C or one form of ID from category A from the acceptable forms of ID on your I-9 Form. 

  1. 1-9

  2. W-4

  3. Direct Deposit Form

  4. Emergency contact form

  5. Employment Agreement

  6. Confidentiality Form

  7. Communications Form

  8. Safety and Security Form

  9. Non-Compete Form

  10. Use of company property

  11. Staff and Faculty Code of Conduct

  12. Acknowledgement of receipt of Employee Handbook



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You may contact the HR department at hr@dcibin.com



3045 Symmes Road Unit E

Hamilton, OH 45015



T: 1 (513) 467 8414

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