Are you looking for a short term program to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed for your spiritual development, a particular function or role in ministry? Then our certificate programs may be what you just need for now. 



The Advanced certificate program has students choosing their own mix of subjects to study up to a maximum of 30 credit hours for Advanced certificate in Church Building & Ministry Fundamentals.  This program usually last for a period of 3 to 4 months.

DCM101     The voice of God: God speaks, do you hear? (1 credit)

DCM102     Identifying your talents, gifts and abilities (1 credit)

DCM103     Human Temperaments (2 credit)

DCM105     Biblical Giving (2)

DCM110     Cell Ministry (2)

DCM115     Protocol Ministry (Greeters & Ushers) (2)

DCM120     Armour Bearer Ministry (2)

DCM125     Church Security & Safety Ministry (2)

DCM130     Hospitality and Guest Care (2)

DCM135     Pastoral Care (2)

DCM140     Church Events Planning (1)

DCM145     Audio-Visual Ministry (1)

DCM150     Community Outreach (2)

DCM155     Water Baptism by immersion (1)

DCM160     New Converts Class (2)

DCM165     Children's Ministry Teacher Training (2)

DCM170     How to develop a men and women's ministry in your church (1)

DCM175     Church Fundrasing (1)

DCM180     Church Membership Care (2)

DCM185     Introduction to the praise and worship ministry (2)

DCM190     Altar Care (1)

DCM195     The Deaconate (2)

DCM196     Mercy Ministry: Caring for the poor, widows, widower's and needy.(1)

DCM197     Introduction to the Five-Fold Ministry (2 credits)

DCM198     Building Loyalty in ministry (2)

DCM199     Born again; the Romans' road to salvation (2)



Students select a total of 15 credit hours which usually last up to 8 weeks of training and receive a certificate in Ministry Basis.  Students can also choose any of the lessons offered and receive a certificate for that lesson. 


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